Our Team

Our three principals, Bruce Clifford, Mark Frischman and Robb Main have over 60 years of cumulative years of experience in laser rangefinders, GPS systems, sensor systems, electronic design, mechanical design, hardware, software, app development, firmware, product development and sales.

Bruce Clifford, P. Eng.
Bruce is the founding principal of Multiwave. His formal education is in Civil and Mining Engineering. He was exposed to non-contact laser measurement through the mining industry. It began with surveying applications underground to process control in the mill. Bruce has subsequently been involved with process control applications in all industries as well as surveying applications both underground and above ground.

Mark Frischman
Mark joined Multiwave in 1999 and is now an equal partner. Mark’s educational background is in Electro-Optics. He was originally involved with the optical design, development and testing of large-scale airborne and ground-based LIDAR systems. Mark has extensive knowledge of Laser Rangefinder and Sensor systems manufacturers, researchers, technologies and applications in all industries.

Robb Main, P. Eng.
Robb joined Multiwave in 2013. Building on an Electrical Engineering background, Robb has more than 30 years experience in Embedded Systems, Product Design, Industrial Controls, Machining and Aviation industries. Robb brings a diverse range of skills in electronics design, PCB layout, programming, app development, mechanical design, and manufacturing processes.